Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Animal Stories

A favorite feature from my radio-show days, reborn in blogland:
  • Animal rights activists decided that a good way to protest circus animal acts would be to steal a pet rabbit from a preschool and leave anti-circus flyers in its place.

  • Burglars at a New Zealand house took CD's, cash and booze, but they left a goat on the owner's bed. (To make matters worse, the owner is afraid of goats.)

  • At the Oklahoma State Fair, a horse got spooked, which nearly started a stampede among other horses. A minor-league hockey coach was able to stop the mayhem by biting the spooked horse on the ear.

  • And finally, in the Lake Tahoe area, a bear walking across a road got spooked by a couple of cars, which caused it to get stuck under a bridge for nearly an entire day.
I'm sure this will become a regular feature of this blog, but we'll have to see how many stories come in during the next few weeks before I can designate a specific day for it or anything.

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