Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting There

OK, I finished the review of the One O'Clock concert with Wayne Bergeron from last week. I'll try to keep getting posts up throughout the week (and if we get a snow day later in the week, they'll all be finished *grin*). And now for the news...

Lucky driver of the week #1: A guy in Seattle crashed his car through a downtown barrier and fell 25 feet, but he was barely scratched, thanks to a well-placed trash bin that broke his fall.

Lucky driver of the week #2: A Portuguese driver took a (very) wrong turn and ended up driving into a subway tunnel; fortunately, the trains were able to be stopped before they hit him.

This was not the "best buy" for them: A suburban St. Louis family bought a camcorder at Best Buy last week, but when they opened the box, the only thing inside was a jar of pasta sauce.

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