Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Nanosecond of My 15 Minutes of Fame

While checking my SiteMeter stats (and yes, that Maynard tribute review is still pulling in the visitors on a regular basis), I found out something interesting: The Musings is #3 in the top 100 blogs in Garland. I feel a slogan coming on....

More than a bitter pill to swallow: I was happy to see that the acetamenophen in my medicine cabinet was not part of the giant recall announced yesterday (if you missed it, the reason for the recall is that small fragments of metal were found in some of the tablets). I wasn't overly surprised that my bottle from Target is OK, but I was fairly impressed that the one I bought from a dollar store in Cleveland this summer was also not on the list. (The entire list of affected stores may be found here.

It's good to know that our legal system is working hard to solve the pressing issues of the day: Is a burrito a sandwich? A Superior Court judge in Massachusetts says no.

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