Friday, May 26, 2006

Travel Advisory

It appears that I'm going to Austin for the weekend, taking a sax quartet to play at State Solo and Ensemble. The original alto player had a conflict with a soccer tournament, so we nailed down a replacement for him last week. That replacement subsequently managed to not make the Wednesday rehearsal and then told us yesterday that he couldn't go after all. The trip and performance seemed dead. But then late last night, I get a call from one of the members, who said that it turns out that the original alto player can make it after all. We'll rehearse it an hour from now, and unless it sounds just totally hopeless, we'll be off shortly after that. (If we don't go, I'll replace this post with whatever it was I was going to talk about today to begin with.) Posting will resume on Sunday evening.

Milestone: I noticed from the post-counter that this is the 900th post to The Musings.

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Jazzy G said...

We might have passed each other on the road today (or rather.. I passed you while you sat in all that bumper to bumper southbound traffic). I just got back from a 3 day jaunt all the way out to west Texas, and then back through San Antonio, Austin, etc.