Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oh Say, Can You Sing, Part II: The Sequel

You may recall that, around this time last year, our fraternity alumni association's chorus sang the National Anthem for a Texas Rangers game. We hadn't received a confirmation for this year until yesterday, when we were told that there had been a cancellation for this coming Monday. I don't know for sure if it'll be on TV or not, but since it's Memorial Day, the game is almost certain to be a sellout, and it may well have cool fireworks afterwards. It also will be a night game, so it may be somewhat less than the 108 degrees that it was on the field a year ago.

It's been funny to see the look on people's faces when I tell them I'm singing at a ballgame, especially during the time before I add the key phrase "in a group." It would indeed be scary if I sang it solo, but I bet I wouldn't blow the lyrics like a guy did in the last year's auditions.

Funny but scary: A Lithuanian man was stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving; when they gave him the Breathalyzer test, he registered at 18 times the legal limit (that's right, eighteen--not a typo). Key quote from the story: "He was of high spirits and grinning the whole time he was questioned."--the director of the national traffic control service. Yes, "high spirits" would indeed be one way to describe such a condition.

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