Saturday, May 06, 2006

This Prank Is Their Best By Far

I saw this last night while surfing around, and I had to post it: Improv comedy group gathers a large group of people to dress up in blue polo shirts and khaki pants and descend on a Manhattan Best Buy store, where customers will of course think they work there. (Oddly enough, I try to avoid wearing blue polos to Best Buy, or red ones to Super Target, to avoid that exact confusion.) The results are funny, if predictable: Customers are confused, some of the "regular" employees think it's funny, and managers and security guards start freaking out. Read the whole thing.

Incidentally, I first heard about this group a few months ago when they positioned a fake bathroom attendant inside a McDonald's; the results were pretty much the same.

This kid's grades are probably going to pot: A Pennsylvania mom required her son to do his homework the minute he got off the school bus in the afternoon. When he finished, she smoked marijuana with him as a "reward."

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Ms. Worley said...

There was also a story about that Improv Group on the NPR program "This American Life", You would like that particular bit a lot.... they took an unknown band who was having a concert in NYC and flooded the concert with die hard "fans" sporting band shirts and similar gear, singing along to the band's songs, etc. You can check out the audio at in the archives. The show was originally aired on 4/8/05 and is entitled "Mind Games".