Monday, May 01, 2006

I Wonder If Anyone Is Boycotting Blogging Today

Your mileage may have varied, but thus far, the so-called Day Without an Immigrant boycott hasn't collided with the Kev World at all. My usual Monday lunch place was open as usual, and their one Hispanic employee was there and, in fact, doing all the work while her two coworkers were standing around and talking on the phone, respectively. Neither did I see any rampant absenteeism at any of my schools.

So will today's action achieve the purpose that its organizers set out to achieve, or will it backfire, strengthening even more the resolve of those who wish to crack down on illegal immigration? Count me in on the latter side, especially when I read quotes like this:
"I want my children to know their mother is not a criminal," said Benita Olmedo, a nanny who came here illegally in 1986 from Mexico and pulled her 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son from school to march in San Diego. "I want them to be as strong I am. This shows our strength."
So wait a minute--you've been here twenty years, and in all that time, you haven't had made the time to get your immigration status in order? Oh, and what a great example you're setting by pulling the kids out of school...

I'm just at a loss as to how anyone could think that such an action would compel people to have even more sympathy for lawbreakers...or for that matter, why people who are here legally, or are natural-born citizens, would feel a kinship with illegals just because they're of the same race. Granted, I'm one who feels that race is about as important as...oh, I don't know, eye color? I fail to see how that could be the defining point of one's existence to such an extent.

I've ranted on this subject before, so I'll direct you there instead of repeating myself. Oh, and I did want to mention that, once again, Ernie Brown had a great take on the boycott this morning; go here and click "5/1/06" to hear the audio.

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Jazzy G said...

I passed a horde of protestors on Dallas Drive today.