Friday, April 07, 2006

Travel Advisory

In just a little bit, I'm going out of town for the weekend; I'm headed to Austin to see my sister and her family. I haven't seen them since Christmas, since our usual post-TMEA visit was overridden by my all-state sponsorship duties this year. It's been a very tiring three weeks since spring break, and I'm looking forward to doing next to nothing for a few days (though, of course, the nephews will run me ragged as always...but they do go to bed early). Posting will resume on Sunday when I get back, though I'm sure I'll duck in to check comments and what-not. Everybody have a great weekend; I know I will.

Hello, teeth: A beaver in Washington state who lost its four front teeth after a run-in with a car has gotten some new ones, courtesy of a local university veterinary hospital.

Goodbye, teeth: The FBI wants to seize the gold dental work known as "grillz" from a couple of drug suspects.

Hello, doggie (part 1): An Indiana couple is celebrating the return of the family's Lhasa Apso, which had been lost for five years.

Hello, doggie (part 2): Animal control officers in Virginia found a bulldog that had escaped from a kennel by scaling a seven-foot-high wall.


Jazzy G said...

Practically growing up in a veterinary clinic, I'm not suprised hearing about a dog scaling a 7ft wall. I was always impressed by watching terriers climb up walls of the outdoor runs, AND figure out how to squeeze between the tiny space between the wall/roof to get to their "freedom". In all of the escape attempts I witnessed, not once did the dog even attempt to scale the 2nd wall (leading to the outside world). It was like they were so happy to be out of the run, they didn't care they were still in the kennel.

Have a safe trip.

Shawn said...

Another cool dog story...