Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tomorrow's Tantalizing Temporal Trivia

If you happen to be up pretty late tonight, you could celebrate a really unusual occurrence. At exactly two minutes and three seconds past one in the morning (no matter what time zone you're in. although it's already passed in Australia--sorry, James), the time and date will line up like this:

01:02:03 04/05/06

Don't wake me up if you decide to celebrate, but it's still pretty cool. Some people even have a name for the event: Consecutive Numbers Day. I wonder if Hallmark made a card for it...

(Incidentally, some would consider this "tonight's tantalizing temporal trivia" rather than tomorrow's, assuming that they subscribe to my theory that it's still "today" until you go to bed. To avoid confusion, I refer to today-before-bed as "fiscal today" and what the clock says as "actual today." Obviously, I've thought about this waaaay too much...)

UPDATE: I was wrong about James missing out on this day, because it hasn't happened in Australia yet! It's not that I was backwards on my time zones, but rather that they write their dates differently Down Under (and in most of the rest of the world) than they do here: day/month/year. So they'll get to have this same day at two minutes and three seconds past one in the morning on May 4.

He wasn't privy to the particulars of this gag: A guy in a Maryland Denny's became stuck to a toilet seat with glue over the weekend, but, unlike the similar victim at a Home Depot a while back, authorities think this poor guy was the victim of an April Fool's prank.

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