Friday, April 14, 2006

Day Off

I'm taking the day off today--pretty much being a total slug. There are things to do this weekend, but they can be done later. RIght now, I'm reveling in the nothing-ness of it all.

So why am I posting? Just to pop on long enough to say two things:
  • Monday's post, which contained an offhand remark about how schools can't (or won't) refer to today as Good Friday anymore, is now up to twelve comments. As I noted the other day, I'm often amazed at what part of a post generates the most attention.

  • Happy birthday to my Aunt Nora in Indiana. As if that weren't enough, she and my Uncle Dan celebrate a really major anniversary tomorrow. Best wishes to the both of you!
I think that's it. Resume relaxation...


Shawn said...

I love doing nothing.

Did you hear of this?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, just hought i'd drop a note. When you get on AIM shout at me.