Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm Number One... hits on Google for "kevin mcnerney," as can be found here. I think that's the first time I've ever been ahead of both the corporate exec from Virginia and the brewery guy from Georgia (but hey, don't click their links too many times, or I won't be #1 anymore--heh).

The funny thing is that it's not this blog, into which I put considerable time and energy, that's number one, but rather my website, which hasn't gotten much attention from me at all (but will be undergoing an extensive makeover rather soon). I was also surprised to see that my Green Room profile clocked in at number seven. Maybe that's driving the extra hits to the website, since it's linked there. (I also found this among my searching--cool.)

Oh, and where does The Musings show up, you might ask? Not at all, at least in terms of the top 224 listings...but that made sense once I realized that my full name doesn't actually appear on the main page. At any rate, I thank you all for visiting, no matter what page you found.

The lights fantastic: Did anyone else stay up for (or get awakened by) that amazing lightning show last night? I was just going to bed at the time, thanks to the late-morning-ness of TAKS week, and it kept me up for a bit longer--but what a dazzling display. I'm just glad the rain didn't mess with the cracked outer dome of my skylight, since I haven't had a chance to patch it up yet.

Blowing out the candles: Happy birthday to my friend and former student Scott B., serving America somewhere in the great unknown.


Jazzy G said...

I came across that INCFL guy a few months ago while searching for something not even pertaining to Collin Jazz activities. I was really suprised. There are a few more photos, with you in them, floating around out there.

That was a great lightning show. I just wish I would have hauled my butt out of bed and taken pictures of it.

Shawn said...

Woo hoo #3!