Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's Really Sheep Advertising, But It's Causing Some Baaaad Feelings

A week or so ago, I read a story in Dave Barry's Blog about a hotel website in the Netherlands that put advertisements on the backs of sheep; the campaign started out, appropriately enough, on April Fool's Day. And now it turns out that the mayor of one local town is trying to ban the ad campaign (or would that be "baaaaan"??) because it violates a local ordinance prohibiting advertising along freeways.

The company responded in the appropriate manner:
Hotels.nl Chief Executive Miechel Nagel said the company would respond by increasing the number of sheep it uses in Skarterslan to 60 and changing the statement on their blankets to "Thank You, Mr. Mayor."

"Now it's a freedom of speech issue," said Nagel. He added that farmers were being paid $18-$25 per sheep per month to wear the advertisements.

"Their value as lamb-kebabs is around $75," Nagel said.
The company plans to distribute horse blankets bearing its name to 700 local citizens if it loses the case. (Incidentally, the company that dreamed up the campaign is called "Lease-a-Sheep.")

Personally, I think this is a wool-done campaign, and I hope the company doesn't get fleeced by the mayor, or the top executives might have to go on the lamb. What do ewe think?

The latest nudes headlines: Did you hear about the naked guy who got stuck in a chimney? He was arrested, of course. This came hot on the heels of the story about the naked carpenter, whom Althouse blogged about a few days ago; he was arrested too. (One word: Owwwwww!)

There's still time... to vote in the worst song contest from Sunday's post.

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