Monday, December 12, 2005

I Think I'm Crazy Enough To Do This

After a very long wait (at least for those of us who live out here), the AMC Firewheel 18 opens on Wednesday. And let's remember the small technicality that "Wednesday" begins at midnight tomorrow night, at which time the theatre will actually have a couple of showings of King Kong. Even though I've never done the weeknight/midnight thing for any movie that didn't have Star Wars in the title, some friends and I are thinking about doing this. It's consistent with my go-on-the-first-day policy with all the other new stuff out here, after all (and it should be much less crowded than it would be on Wednesday night itself).

Do I have teaching the next day? Yes. Am I crazy enough to do it anyway? Yes indeed.

Hopefully this person won't major in advertising: I saw a handwritten flier in the band hall at one of my schools which read as follows:

w/ case and crap

I'm so glad to know that the "case and crap" will be included in the deal. And unless the trumpet was this kind, it would definitely have a "removable mouthpiece." That would be, to ape an old George Carlin routine, like bragging that your luggage "includes handles."

Kicking PC to the curb again: Eric joins the fray concerning the PC-niks' effort (futile in my book, and Eric's as well) to turn the phrase "Merry Christmas" into a bad thing. (My previous thoughts are here.)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Most of the cars parked on my street that don't go to work, don't go to work."--from yet another student. What he really meant was that the cars that were still parked by the time he left for school ended up staying there all day, and he wondered why the owners never used their garages.


Eric Grubbs said...

Thanks for the shout. "Case and crap" is pretty funny as a former trumpet player myself. Maybe the "crap" part includes slide grease and some dirt. Who says there is no truth in advertising?

Shawn said...

Yeah, he should have elaborated. That's what I plan to do when I sell my Stradivarius on Ebay when school is over. I won't have any time to keep up with trumpet when I'm off to Texas; I'm not that good anyways.