Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Blogger Roadtrip, Sort Of

I didn't have time to really conjure up my own post today, because I've been so busy reading other blogs and commenting there (it's a luxury that I don't usually have, except during school holidays). So it only makes sense that I should link to those discussions and use them as today's post:
  • Over at Althouse, one of the topics was music and coffeehouses. (The post title is "Sometimes the music in the cafĂ© is so bad...that you suspect the barista is playing a CD made by her friend who has a band.") The comments section veers off into a discussion of how jazz and coffeehouses were once very closely intertwined, so of course, I offer up my two cents' dollars' worth.

  • A year ago, Dave Barry went on hiatus from regular column-writing, a break that was to last at least through 2005. This week, he announced that the hiatus will continue indefinitely (among other things, he has a young daughter and doesn't want to miss any crucial "daddy time" with her). Over at his blog (which will continue daily), many of us wish him well.

    KEY QUOTE (from his announcement): "I also tried to get better at the guitar, but I failed. Although I am definitely louder."

  • Also at Dave's blog, he's feeling old, because a DJ hired for party he'll be attending came up with the amazingly ignorant quote, ""The thing is, there were no dance songs in the Sixties. My stuff starts in the Seventies." Many people take issue with this in the comments, and we hear from the son of Tommy James of "Mony Mony" fame.

  • A passenger on a recent troubled Alaska Airlines flight photoblogged the incident and was then inexplicably slammed by many of the commenters to his post (hat tip: Instapundit). But turns out that several of the most offensive commenters were traced to an IP address at the airline. Oops...
How much is that policy in the window? Dog owners in Vienna will now be required to purchase liability insurance for their pooches, starting with those born after January 1. Owners could be fined up to $4000 if Fido is caught uninsured. (So where exactly will the dog carry an insurance card?)

But maybe this should be extended to cats, too: A woman in West Virginia was accidentally locked out of her car by her own cat.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kev, this is a great blog! I was extremely happy to run into you over at Althouse. I never noticed she or her commenters were particularly musical, although I enjoy the tone and perspective of her blog. It's an unexpected treat to find a musician who writes so well among the commenters.

I've been toying with the idea of blogging for a couple of years, and I must say, your blog is pretty inspiring. Frankly, I don't know if I have the time. Like you, I had the week off, and have had a little time to post some comments on Althouse and a couple other blogs. Once the grind starts up again, I suspect I'll just revert to lurking. In any event, hope to see you commenting in Ann-land and maybe elsewhere.

Kev said...

Theo--thanks for visiting! I think it's possible for busy people to keep a blog going, as long as you don't feel obligated to post something new every day. I say go for it!

Normally, I don't have computer access at all during the day, so my big commenting frenzy over at the House of Alt and elsewhere is indeed pretty much a vacation thing, but I should be pretty regular over here even during the school year. (I don't always worry about posting every day myself, though I'll admit it's been more tempting since I got a SiteMeter.)