Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can I Pick 'Em or What?

I found out today that the jazz Grammy nominations were announced this week. I've noted before that I occasionally have some issues with the whole process, especially in the way that Academy members can vote without having heard all the nominated songs or albums, but I was particularly happy with this year's selections, since they contain several CD's that I not only own but have blogged about and have in a few cases gone to a concert on the tour in support of said CD's:I think it's interesting how the criterion for being selected in an Instrumental category is "51% or more playing time of instrumental tracks." That might be an interesting (or maybe totally boring) job to be the guy who actually has to measure that...

At any rate, it was cool to discover that this year, the choices of the Academy members are reasonably close to what I would have picked if I had been in their position. I'm also quite happy to see the "contemporary jazz" category populated by actual jazz musicians this time, as opposed to other years when this category has been the domain of the G-weasel and his ilk.

Speaking of jazz: There's a new place to discuss all-things jazz-related, courtesy of UNT jazz prof John Murphy (an old schoolmate of mine whose previous foray into blogdom was linked here and discussed often). It's called The Green Room; anyone can read it, and UNT jazz students, faculty and alumni can sign up for an account and post comments.

Snow half-day: I awoke at six a.m. today to discover, as I suspected last night, that I could go right back to bed, as the public schools were closed today. I stayed awake long enough to also confirm that the college would eventually open, which it did at noon. The roads were mostly clear by the time we left for rehearsal, and they were totally clear by the trip home. I'll be happy to get one more teaching day in tomorrow, especially since I won't see the Friday people next week due to finals. It was a pretty nice little half-holiday, even if we'll have to give it back in the spring.

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Shawn said...

I'm excited about the Green Room.