Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Anyone Taking Bets...

...on whether or not tomorrow's wintry mix will cause any school closings?

Sure, it's easy to get cynical in this part of the country; it doesn't snow or ice all that often, so everyone gets all excited when it's predicted, and then, more often than not, it either ends up being only non-sticking flurries, or it doesn't pan out at all.

The really tricky thing about tomorrow's possible event is that it's not supposed to get really bad until afternoon, which means that any closings will take place after the school day has already started and the students and teachers (and office workers everywhere else) will have to rush-but-not-rush to get home before the bad stuff hits.

And if it happens to hit early enough to cause morning problems...well, hey, I could use the nap.

The gig is up...on the sidebar, that is. I've been confirmed for January 6 at the Broadway Bistro. Will it be Kev and Friends or Team Demon/Dingus? I'm not sure yet, but Steven is on board for this one, so it'll be two-thirds of the TD/D horn juggernaut no matter what.

Hey, wait a minute...: Why did gas suddenly go up eight cents this afternoon? I hope it didn't have anything to do with the potential storm...

Peanut butter and jam, in a way: A British company has come up with an unusual food item: The musical sandwich.

SCARY HEADLINE OF THE DAY: "Erectile dysfunction? No needles, please"--from an article in today's paper.

QUOTE OF THE DAY (1): Today's QOTD's came in rapid succession at my first two schools. The first one occurred during an announcement at a middle school during one of my before-school lessons; sometimes, the office workers really abuse their intercom privileges by coming on every two minutes or so for some sort of announcement. One of those interruptions produced this gem:
"Students and teachers, there's been a belt lost this morning in the hallway. It's...(pauses to mumble something to someone in the background)...it's brown, with holes in it."

Really? It has holes in it?
And if it didn't, wouldn't it be called a "strap?"

QUOTE OF THE DAY (2): One of my high-schoolers was talking about the new theatre that's opening in Firewheel in just eight! more! days! (No, I'm not excited about it at all. Can you tell?) The following conversation ensued:

KID: That theatre just doesn't look really big; I wonder how many screens it has.
ME: I looked it up on the Web last night, and they said it's an 18-plex.
KID: Oh, that's pretty big then.
ME: Yeah, it's not as big as the AMC 30 in Mesquite, but it's not bad.
KID: How many theatres does the 30 have?
ME: (cracks up, while giving kid the "duhhhh" look)
KID: D'oh!

I told him that I was a blogger and he had just made QotD with that remark, but I didn't give him this URL or anything, so we'll see if he actually finds it.


Eric Grubbs said...

Honestly, I hope we don't have any ice sticking to the ground. As much as the cold weather is enjoyable for me, when conditions make it impossible to even drive, that's a concern.

If schools were to be closed, hey, it would be nice to have an early holiday. No harm in that.

Ms. Worley said...

All I'm saying is PISD canceled my choir concerts that were scheduled for tonight and nothing sucks more than rescheduling a concert. So I'm going to be royally ticked if they don't give me a day off tomorrow to go with it. Jerks.

Kev said...

Ms. W--Ouch, that has to be a royal pain to reschedule a concert. My district nuked all after-school activities (including three lessons of mine, by default), but honestly, I enjoyed the nap. :-)

As for tomorrow, I hope that school at least resumes in time for me to teach my college ensembles, since we have an atrium performance with Combo Too (the one Andrew used to be in) tomorrow and the fall concert on Saturday.