Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloweekend Update

A little of this, a little of that:

--For the first time since I've been in this house, I actually had candy to pass out (though I didn't get back from buying said candy till 8:15 tonight). I had no takers, however; the lack of porch lights on in the neighborhood--combined, no doubt, with the fact that so few people actually know each other out here--probably kept most trick-or-treaters away. I hope my friends like Kit Kat bars, because I sure don't want to eat them all myself.

--Happy 35th anniversary to KNTU, the only real jazz radio station in the Metroplex, and my former employer during college.

--Speaking of KNTU, my ghost story about the station's former home, Smith Hall, is finally up, a year after I started it.

--Also on the subject of the ol' alma mater: UNT won another football game last night; that's four wins in four conference tries, which evens their record at 4-4. Two more wins and we're eligible to go to a bowl game; if we win out, the New Orleans Bowl is ours again.

--Oh no, it's Daylight Wasting Time again. The fact that it gets dark before I finish teaching only reminds me that I work too much. No more denial for me until April.

--Chipotle changed their Halloween promotion this year; they decided not to do "Boo-Rito Day" (where you got a free burrito if you dressed up as one), opting instead for an election special where you buy one today, keep the receipt and get a free one on Tuesday. Their explanation for the change was that "the election is scary enough." I'm just glad we found out about the change before getting a whole bunch of foil, and especially before adorning ourselves with it. Nonetheless, the freebie on Tuesday will be nice.


James said...

Re: Daylight Wasting Time

Wow! Ur daylight savings time finishes just as ours begins :) We put our clocks forward an hour on Saturday night. Boo to losing an hour's sleep, but hooray to longer summer days!

We love our Daylight Savings Time over here. There's nothing like long summer nights where you can hang at the beach until the time when you used to go to bed as a kid! Right now, the sun's setting at 7pm, and right in the middle of our scorching summer (Christmas/New Year) it'll set at about 8:30pm :) loooove those long days :)

Kev said...

James, that makes sense that our daylight savings times would be opposite each other, since our seasons are too. I love my DST, and wish it could be around all year; I don't need that extra hour of light at 6 in the morning.

Oh yeah, and I really got a kick out of your using "scorching summer" and "Christmas" in the same sentence. I'm guessing your Santa Claus doesn't wear a fur coat, huh? ;-)