Tuesday, October 12, 2004

LJS Update

A reader saw the Long John Silver's story on here the other day and sent the company an email inquiry about the situation. The company's response is posted in the comments to that entry. Like the reader, I don't know if my mind is changed or not, but it's food for thought.

(And again, I have to request you anonymous posters to please sign your comments...even if I don't know who you are. I wish that Blogger didn't require every commenter to have a Blogger account, but I'll keep the anonymous option open so long as people sign their comments at the bottom, just like an email.)

Other than that, not much to update about right now. I've been teaching, and teaching, and teaching...and in my spare time I've been teaching. Oh, and slept a little. Yesterday was kinda chill due to my Allen students being on fall break this week. Tomorrow is rather chill after 3:00, since the high schools will be at marching contest, so The Hang™ can start early for once. Oh, and I'm kinda sweating the fact that I got called for jury duty next week; I'll have a poll later on about how long you think I'll be stuck there and which mode of transportation (free train? Kevmobile?) I should take when I go downtown.

Hit the road, jack-o-lantern: G has carved a pumpkin with a silhouette of Ray Charles on it.


G. Travis said...

I'll have a poll later on about how long you think I'll be stuck there and which mode of transportation.. I should take..I'm voting early =P
- All friggin day
- Train.. just for something different

G. Travis said...

What the devil is up with Blogger? I posted a comment on this entry 2 days ago and it never showed up!!

Anywho.. I'm voting early:
You'll be there too friggin long, and you'll take the train just for something different.

And as a 'write-in':
You'll have some amusing tale about a lady that flipped out at the metal detectors, confirming the theory that there is a phobia for everything. =P

G. Travis said...

Whhhhoooooooaaaaaa. Now I'm really confused. All of a sudden my original comment showed up when I posted the '2nd' one (which I thought would end up being the first one).... my brain hurts. >_O

Kev said...

And the really funny thing was, your late comment was early anyway, since I said I'd take a poll later on about those things. Said poll has yet to be taken, yet you've already voted. I suppose a "hanging chad" will be next... ;-)