Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another Milestone

Today is my second anniversary as owner of Kevmobile 1.2. I I recounted the whole story here last year, so I won't repeat myself today. Needless to say, it's been a great little car. It doesn't have anywhere near the mileage of the original Kevmobile, of course, and it's holding up quite nicely. The other day, it hit what we could call Jamey Aebersold mileage on the odometer: 121234. (Laugh if you get the joke.)

I bought the car (and myself) an anniversary present of sorts on Monday: a new key. Since my job requires me to put my horn(s) in the trunk about five or six different times a day, the key gets worn down so much that the edges become nearly smooth. After a while, the trunk will no longer open; eventually, the ignition won't always start (oddly enough, however, the doors will always unlock no matter how smooth it gets). I carry the valet key with me at all times, so I've never been stranded or anything, but it just gets to be a pain sometimes. After a weekend of the car not starting with the key enough times, I decided to take advantage of a short break and get the new one.

I have no clue how soon I'll get the RSX that will be dubbed Kevmobile 2, but until then, my ride may not be fancy, but it's OK by me.

Best bloggers: Congrats to Lileks and Instapundit for their wins in the Washington Post Blog Awards announced this week. Lileks won in the Most Original category and received honorable mention for Best Rant; Instapundit won both the Most Likely to Last Beyond Election Day and Best Outside the Beltway categories. Way to go!

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