Friday, July 02, 2004

This 'n' That

A week that started out with a random-stuff post ends up that way as well...

Heard any good lawyer jokes lately? Ken of CrimLaw weighs in with a humorous piece on his site called "New Regulations for the Hunting of Lawyers." He's an attorney himself, so he can get away with this, just like Aggies make a killing by selling Aggie joke books.

Cart-racing grannies: Jazzy G has posted an AIM conversation of ours from last night on her site; she got a real kick out of a play on words that I made. We also had an interesting one today, and since turnabout is fair play, I'll post this one:

G: i carted grandma to walmart
Me: literally, in the cart? ;-)
Me: that sounds like fun
G: ... maybe YOU should take her sometime
G: ;-)
Me: dang, if i still had a grandma we could have grandma cart races
G: !!!!!!!
G: i'm envisioning grannies with old-skool biker helmets and goggles
Me: heh exactly

I could see that as a film short on some website, actually...

Close-by coffee: The new Starbucks opened today in the parking lot of Super Target. It doesn't have a drive-thru as we initially expected, but it is the nearest one to me until Firewheel Town Center opens next year. It's not open as late as 15th St., but it's better in terms of location, location, location.

Lucifer adjusts his parka: Recently, we've had all kinds of hell-freezes-over things happen in the Kevosphere: Halfling updated his blog, Angie updated twice in a week, Woody updated, and Miles got on AIM (I'm expecting a Miles-blog any day now). Anyone else gonna break their online slumber...Coop? Zack? (I think Coop forgot his password, actually.)

Instant party, just add friends: I ended up having an impromptu two-plus-hour hang at my house today, as Halfling and Angie stopped over after work, Halfling to jam and Angie to listen for a sec. Dingus was already there mowing the lawn (for a burrito, of course), and Coop stopped by to get the pair of shades he left in my car on Spidey night. (It was quite a relief to know that if anyone had started to drown in my living room, we had three still-in-uniform lifeguards ready to spring into action.) Before we knew it, it was evening. Halfling and I never did get to jam, but we'll just double up next week; sometimes the best get-togethers are the ones like this that just "happen."

( I know now why I only include the links to my friends' sites on occasion, especially since they're on the sidebar as it is.)

Anyway, it was a good day, got lots of stuff done (a rarity in this most fun of summers). I'm expecting to cross several other things off the to-do list tomorrow as well, then I can kick back even more for the Fourth.


G. Travis said...

I still have 2 grandmothers. I don't mind if you borrow one for the granny-cart race. Which model do you prefer... Jewish Lady or Farmer's Wife?

Kev said...

That's a tough call....but I think I'd have to go for Farmer's Wife, only because the Jewish Grandmother would probably try to fatten me up, and I'm trying to move in the opposite direction from that. :-)

G. Travis said...

Actually.. the Farmer's Wife would fatten you up (oh yeah.. you've never seen my dad). The Jewish Lady would just guilt you into something. =P

Annika said...

Y'all are great.. but, seriously the Farmer's wife is the wrong way to go for weight loss (I know from experience) ;)
I don't know about the Jewish wife... ???

Kev said...

Actually, it occurred to me that, despite each grandmother having potential overfeeding issues, this risk would be mostly neutralized by the energy required to push the grandmother-laden cart across the finish line at a winning pace.

G. Travis said...

Gee! Wow! Thanks, Professor McNerney!

G. Travis said...

WOWZERS! Thanks for the enlightenment Professor McNerney! (.. *recoils in horror from calling you that*)