Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Next Gig

I neglected to mention this during the busy-ness of camp week, but I have a gig coming up tomorrow night. Shelley Carrol is reassembling his big band for a night at a cool-sounding new venue in the Belt Line/Tollway area. We'll be playing from 9 p.m. until midnight, and there's no cover charge, though you may have to buy a drink or two (I'm also pretty sure there's no minimum age but will confirm that this afternoon). This place is evidently set up like the late, legendary Caravan of Dreams, so it should be really nice. Hope you can make it out if you're in the area. I'm in the bari chair for this one, just like the last time we did this in Summer '01, and there should be a slew of local heavyweights up there as well. (Incidentally, note that there's now a space on the sidebar of this site for performance listings, for the benefit of those readers who don't usually visit the gig page on my other site.)

UPDATE: I made a call over there and was dismayed to find out that it is in fact a 21+ venue (boo!). I've ranted at length in a previous post about why this is a bad idea, but who in the business world has ever listened to a musician? For what it's worth, they did say that you could get in if you were with a "guardian" (anyone wanna take bets that my "family" gets a little bigger in the next 24 hours?). All I can say is, the Kev-and-Halfling all-ages jazz venue can't open soon enough...though we're still short a million bucks or so before that can happen. Donations, anyone?


G. Travis said...

If I ever hit the lottery, count me in.

I'd love to go but I'm guessing my mother would bail on me again. :-/

G. Travis said...

At least my baritone sax gets to go to the gig. =P