Thursday, July 15, 2004

Indiana Bound

As i've mentioned, the next week and a half is really, really busy. Yesterday, however, was the proverbial eye of the hurricane, as I got to go to Six Flags with Halfling and Angie and Dingus and Cassi. I finally got to ride the Titan after looking at it longingly on the way back from Rangers games for a couple of years (in fact, the line was so short that we rode it twice in a row). The extreme heat kept the big crowds away, with the result being that, even though our day was limited to eight hours instead of the full twelve they were open, we got to ride pretty much everything we wanted to. Afterwards, we chilled at Cheddar's across the street until rush hour was over. I can't believe I was able to move an entire Wednesday's worth of students (it's my longest day of the week) to do this, but some days, it's just all about the hang.

And today, after a quick morning of teaching, I'm off to Indiana for a Sinfonia conference. For the first time in a while, I'm not flying out at the crack of dawn, but I do have to contend with a three-legged flight (Dallas-Tulsa-Cincinnati-Evansville) both ways, and I almost spend as much travel time as I do conference time. If nothing else, I'll have a full Friday there.

I'm back on Saturday night, and then Jazz Camp starts Sunday. I would say that blogging will be sparse during that week, but I'm pretty sure I have a substantial break during the afternoons, so I'll pop in from time to time.

QUOTE OF THE (YESTER)DAY: "That lady looks like she just had puppies."--Dingus, as we drove into the Six Flags parking lot, referring to a rather large lady with, well, a litter of kids trailing behind her.


G. Travis said...

Dingus has some of the best quotes. =)

Steven said...

Thank ya.