Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A quick comment on comments

OK, so Blogger is being really weird lately, especially with comments; there have been some double- and even triple-postings on this site. I think the deal is that, if it doesn't post your comment right away, just let it be for a bit, check the site later and it'll come up eventually. From what I recall on the Blogger support page, the one thing you don't want to do is hit your browser's back button and try the same action again; that's what results in the multiple posts.

(Speaking of comments, be sure to read the ones from the previous post, where we learn a whole bunch of cool Aussie terminology.)

Other than that, nothing much new around here; just teaching two full days ahead and getting ready for the Schlitterbahn sojourn with Halfling and Dingus this weekend.

Baaaad art? You know those big Pegasus statues that have been painted in bright colors by various artists and are all around Dallas? Pittsfield, Massachusetts has done the same thing with sheep.

(via Dave Barry's Blog)


G. Travis said...

Blogger is being funkily and here I am turning my ones and zeros over to a subdomain. I guess I just crave frustration. (That and I want more server space incase I go psycho with the photo gallery) =P

Anonymous said...

My home town of Lake Charles, LA, has engaged in a similarly pointless exercise with alligators being the animal of choice.