Thursday, December 25, 2003

The Take

OK, I'll answer the obvious Christmas question here: "So what'd you get?"

First of all, I didn't ask for a lot; Mom and Dad have been helping a lot with stuff for the house, so it sort of spreads Christmas out over the entire year (gotta love that, in a way). But I did ask for DVD's, since I got the player as an early Christmas present right after Thanksgiving. And, believe it or not, I basically got everything I asked for! Here's the list:

This is Spinal Tap
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Blues Brothers
Season #3 of The Simpsons

So I say: SCOOOOOORRRRRE! Add that to the ones Fizban gave me on Sunday (Office Space and Super Troopers), and I now have quite a nice li'l DVD collection going. That'll make for lots of Movie Nights at Casa de Kev next semester.

As for the rest of Christmas, it was definitely different; first of all, my parents and I played nine holes of golf today! I hadn't done that since May of 2000 at Firewheel, and it had been longer than that since I'd played with them. And you know what--I didn't suck nearly as much as I usually do. More of my drives became airborne than didn't (they often look like croquet shots *sigh*), and I even out-drove Dad a few times...and Dad plays two or three times a week. Also, Dad tends to "over-coach" me at golf, but this time it was a combination of him not doing so too often, and it not bothering me when he did. Maybe I was a ball of focus out there today.

And tonight, we seriously kicked it old school when we watched some old home movies. (I used that term while we were doing so, and then had to explain "kickin' it old school" to my parents. Heh heh.) I don't mean videos, either...I mean actual 8mm movies. The newest one was 17 years old (scary), which was right before my parents got their camcorder, I guess. The amazing thing was that the projector still worked! At any rate, it was cool to see me as a baby, my sister as a baby, and our awesome old family pets, Zip the lovable mutt and Sinbad the Siamese cat (who was way nicer than Tasha could ever dream of being).

There's Christmas in a nutshell. I'm headed back home tomorrow, before I hop a plane for Indiana on Sunday...then I'm back for the duration on Tuesday night. Hope your Christmas was great too.

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