Thursday, December 04, 2003

Long and Longerer

Man...I just thought yesterday was long. Today was even longer. Combo PM (which has gigs two days in a row, if you've been following all this) went an hour longer than usual, just so we could learn the Christmas holiday songs (they can be Christmas songs again on Saturday when we're off campus *grins*) and run everything for both nights (tomorrow is a sort of "wallpaper" gig--dinner music for the holiday gala--while Saturday is a full-blown listening gig). Add to this the fact that we had to break in a substitute guitarist; Andrew from Combo Too filled in for the vacationing Alex and he did great, but we had to copy all the charts for him and all that. Oh, and Fizban and Dingus couldn't make rehearsal; they were involved in a Christmas parade *shudder* in downtown Garland. I hope they can play the holiday charts without rehearsing with the rest of the group--let's have faith in their "mad sightreading skillz" here.

At any rate, despite this frenzy of assembly, I think everything will go fine the next two nights. Thankfully, we had a Chipotle break between combos today; that always hits the spot, but it was especially good today...and next week is the freebies (more on that later too).

Oh yeah, I added it up, and between yesterday and the 15th of this month, I will have had eight gigs in less than two weeks. (I added one for Sunday that I'll post about later.) Not all of them pay, but enough of them do that it'll give me some spare holiday shopping cash, or at least subsidize part of the New Orleans trip.

And if you're wondering (as I've seen this phrase really catch on since yesterday's post), today I was definitely not a "ball of focus;" I was back to being my happy, distractable self again. Teaching college relaxes me anyway (is it the staying in one place for a long period of time, or the fact that most everyone I'm teaching really wants to be there?), so I'll save the BOF for much hairier days than today.

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