Monday, December 01, 2003

Short Sprint to the Finish

Man, there's no Monday like the Monday after a long holiday, is there? I was dragging by my third lesson or so (that happens when someone comes in and just stinks up the joint early in the day), and I saw more yawning, dorky mistakes, and generally invoking the "Monday excuse" (i.e. saying "it's Monday" to justify a particularly dumb error) than usual.

But hey, this'll be a good few weeks: Gigs aplenty, the general happiness of the holidays, and quite likely a trip to the New Orleans Bowl in a few weeks (I have a ticket; just have to iron out the logistics of getting there when I only have about 24 hours to spend on the trip), followed the next day by the opening of Return of the King...and then it's basically off for the holidays after that.

So it's a short sprint to the finish line now; just have to conserve a little energy and try to have a good time along the way.

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