Monday, December 15, 2003

A Holiday Cornucopia

More random stuff from the last couple days:

As always, I passed my favorite Sonic sign on Friday afternoon. They have at least fixed it to where you can now try OUR new Mint Blast...but the SUPERSONIC ANDRINGS remain untouched. I still say that would be an excellent name for a rock band...

Speaking of rock bands, we played a U2 song in church yesterday. I think that's a first.

Fun Facts is now up to 45; it should be finished really soon.

Happy belated birthday to Ryan V. on Saturday; welcome to the "big table" now (heh heh).

And of course, I was blown away to tune the radio to KRLD for a weather report yesterday morning, only to find out that Saddam had been captured. Yay for the good guys (the division that captured him, incidentally, was from Ft. Hood right here in Texas).