Sunday, April 03, 2011

Playing This Week in the Kevmobile

As always, the weekly recap of music from the car--hopefully something that's new to you that you'll end up checking out:
  • MONDAY: Stockton Helbing,"Lodestar." Debut CD from the amazing drummer/writer/producer who's also an esteemed colleague of mine at the Texas All-Star Jazz Camp and a producer on the Kris Berg recording project with which I'm currently involved.

  • TUESDAY: Gino Vannelli, "Black Cars." This album is more stripped-down than Gino's usual fare (especially its lush predecessor, "Nightwalker," and the synths scream '80s, but they're still great songs.

  • WEDNESDAY: Miles Okazaki, "Mirror." Engaging debut from the guitarist/award-winning composer.

  • THURSDAY: Numinous, "Vipassana." Composer Joseph C. Phillips, Jr. offers up a fine variety of jazz-tinged minimalism--think Steve Reich meets Maria Schneider.

  • FRIDAY: The Flashbulb, "Réunion." Tasty collection from Chicago-based guitarist/electronic musician Benn Jordan.

  • SATURDAY: Tiny Tribe, "Strange Stories & Faraway Places." German trio and special guests mix jazz with electronics.

  • SUNDAY: Niels Lan Doky, "The Target." Danish pianist joined by the great Danish bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and Jack DeJohnette on drums.
It's been a great week for music, and it starts again in the morning!

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