Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Is Turning Into a Weekly Ritual, So It Seems

I seem to notice a pattern during this, the busiest of all semesters, with regard to blogging by yours truly:

1) Post on Monday, one of my "earliest" finishes (6:45) of the week.

2) Start posts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (and sometimes Friday) but never have time to finish them.

3) Catch up on Saturday or Sunday and post links to all the "missed" posts.

Well, here we are again, and this is what I've completed thus far today:
  • I roll out a long-awaited rant about "activists" and how their being so easily offended isn't helping anyone solve problems.

  • Remembering Vic Mizzy, composer of some favorite TV themes.

  • Asking for some advice regarding dry winter skin on the hands.

  • Once again, I chastise Congress (yes, an easy target) for attempting to mess around with college football
I'm pretty sure the week ahead will be just the same, but feel free to check in daily just in case I get to complete a post during the week.

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