Friday, October 16, 2009

Me, a Philly Phan? That's Phreaky!

Stopped off to grab a bite last night after a gig, at a sports bar-type place. There was baseball going on, but, despite my affinity for the game, I was barely paying attention.

And it's not just that the Rangers aren't in the playoffs; if that was what kept me from watching postseason baseball, I'd hardly have any contact with the sport at all after early October. Rather, it's the fact that all the other teams I could have rooted for have already bowed out in the divisional series.

I didn't have a lot to work with in the first place. I can justify rooting for the Cardinals, since I lived in the St. Louis metro area three different times as a kid, and one of the first games I ever attended in person was a Cardinals game at old Busch Stadium. Boston was a possibility, as I generally like the team (except when the Rangers were going back and forth with them for the wild card slot this year), and I have a soft spot for MInnesota since I have several good friends who hail from the area.

But all those teams are out now, and that leaves me with what--the Yankees? Yeah, right; as a longtime Rangers fan, I've often said that I'll root for the Rangers and whoever is playing the Yankees. The Angels? Our fierce division rival? As if! And I've always been "meh" about the Dodgers as well, for who knows what reason; I've just never warmed to them.

So that leaves me with the Phillies. I enjoyed watching their trip through the playoffs last year, culminating in a World Series win that I was able to see on the TV at a nearby luxury suite when I went to my first Stars game. While, like any self-respecting Cowboy fan, I could never root for the NFL team who shares a hometown with the Phillies, I guess I'll be adopting them for the next week or so (or longer, if they can dispatch the Dodgers).

So, umm....Go Phillies!?

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