Monday, October 12, 2009

Dude--I'm Talkin' To Ya Caneless*

After a weekend of continuing to wean myself away, today was the first day that I went completely without my cane. (It was still there in the car, as a "security blanket" of sorts, but I didn't actually use it to get anywhere.) And after a trip to physical therapy this afternoon, the therapist confirmed that I really don't need a cane anymore unless I was going to walk "three miles or so." I don't see that in my immediate future, so it looks like the can will be retired (though it will still stay in the car for a few more days, "just in case").

And with the end of the cane should come the end of the handicapped parking placard as well; I was given that wonderful blue-and-white piece of plastic because of my mobility impairment, but without visual proof of said impairment (i.e. the cane), I can't really justify taking a place from someone who might be much farther back in the process than myself--no matter how crappy the parking might be at school now.

At any rate, it's good to record another milestone on my road to progress. The therapist says that it will probably be a month before I can try running again, but I'm still covering good ground with my walking.

And I should mention that only one person--the last student of the day--noticed my caneless condition, and he noticed it right away.

*Bonus points to anyone who can name the obscure movie reference that's the source of the this post's title.

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