Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sunny News on a Cloudy Day: Brad's Back!

A few months ago, I got rather irate with my usual news-talk station of choice, KRLD, for letting 30-year veteran meteorologist Brad Barton go in a "cost-cutting move" orchestrated by some corporate suit in New York. A lot of us in the Metroplex hoped that Barton would land a new job somewhere else in the area, and I read the happy news in the DMN this morning: He's back on the local airwaves again, on WBAP:
Two months, to the day, after leaving KRLD-AM (1080), Barton is back on the air as meteorologist for WBAP-AM (820), delivering his first forecast at noon on Tuesday.

"We had some weather rolling in, and we put him to work," said Tyler Cox, WBAP operations manager.

"We're really excited to have him join our team. Brad is the best, and we're already getting e-mails and calls from listeners who are happy to hear his voice on the radio again."
I never did totally abandon KRLD after Barton's dismissal (I can't really bail on Ernie and Jay, seeing as how Ernie Brown and I were on the same LIttle League team back in the day), but during the hours they're not on, I've found myself listening to news less and less and my iPod more and more. And while I haven't listened to WBAP since back when they carried Rangers games, I know where I'll be turning when the big storms roll through.

I know that broadcasting is a game of being fired many times over for most people (that's one of the reasons I didn't pursue it as a career, despite my extensive time in college radio), but it's nice when the really good ones can land on their feet--especially in the same market where they've made a name for themselves. Welcome back, Brad!

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