Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please Don't Rain On My Parade...

...or my baseball game, or my picnic, or my football game, or my trip to the grocery store, or...well, you get the idea. But this weekend, there was a good chance that your outdoor activity was indeed so affected.

This is the rainiest four days I've seen in recent memory. Sure, we were behind for the year (and down at my sister's place in Austin, they were--and still are--way behind, and it's been wet there this weekend as well), but it's crazy to see it all come down at once like this. I also can't remember the last time I heard of an actual flood warning on the radio as opposed to the "flash" variety. (Speaking of that, it was nice to hear Tom Hale--still a great weather name if you say it out loud--in the studio on KRLD instead of depending on the TV people like they do so often during the week. But I still miss Brad Barton...)

Did the weather mess up your weekend plans? I took a pass on attending the UNT football game because of it (and because I'm a bit, well, under the weather already with allergies this weekend), and, watching the fourth quarter on TV, I was glad I didn't go up there, since it appeared that everyone in the stands was wearing a poncho. Beyond that, getting around in general was somewhat annoying, because--as I said in the spring--a cane in the rain is mainly quite a pain, especially when balancing an umbrella in the other hand and having to carry anything else--newspaper, coffee, what have you.

Anyway, to all the locals, or anyone else who was under this downpour--I hope you made it through the weather relatively unscathed. From the looks of the freeways today, not everybody was quite so lucky.

They were lacking some street smarts: I do have one gripe for the city of Bedford: If you're going to close a road because of high water, it's best to put the sign saying so at the entry to the subdivision (as you did at Jackson and Cheek-Sparger), rather than a few blocks into it (as you did at Martin Parkway). I'm just sayin'...

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