Saturday, September 26, 2009

Progress Comes in Baby Steps...Or Are They Bigger Than Imagined?

Time for another update on my knee; these things come fewer and farther between, as it should be.

I went in to physical therapy this morning for the first time in a few weeks. Even though it seemed to me that the improvement was coming at a much slower pace than it had in the past, I was quite happy with how much had actually gotten better.

The biggest difference was on the stationary bike. Last time, I was doing the same half-revolutions that I had been doing at the previous session, but I wasn't quite able to make it over the top for a full turn. Even though I had not been able to make any more attempts since then (the gym at school closes before I get done teaching), I stepped right on there, went over the top on the first attempt, and proceeded to ride that bad boy for over ten minutes!

I've also started working with some other machines, and those things also went well. The biggest things I need to work on now are balance (I'm still trying to stand on my "bad" leg for over 30 seconds) and going against the grain when ascending or descending stairs (I've been leading up with the "good" leg and down with the "bad" one, and after five months of doing that, it's hard to do the opposite).

So it would appear that things continue to chug along; this wasn't the first time that I've gone to PT and come out feeling better about my progress than I did going in. I go to the orthopedist again next Friday, and, with any luck, the treatment will start to wrap up before long.

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