Monday, August 10, 2009

I Must Be Having Fun, Because Time's Flying

I was talking with a colleague at the college this afternoon, and I think it hit both of us at the same time: School starts in two weeks! How could that be? Where did the summer go?

I know where a lot of it went, of course. The spring semester in the public schools didn't end until a few days into June, at right about the same time that the summer session began at the college. June was spent getting ready for surgery, having surgery, and recovering from same. That went into July (I can still remember how immobile I was on the Fourth), and, right about the time I was feeling better, it was time to go to my out-of-town convention, which segued immediately into Jazz Camp. By the time that let out, it was only a week until August...and here we are.

As I've said, it's been the least "summery" summer that I've probably ever had, especially in terms of getting to do my typical summertime activities. Out-of-town trips, save for convention? Nope. Swimming? Nuh-uh. Concerts? Not a one (again save for convention and--duh-- Jazz Camp). Rangers games? Only on TV so far, though I'll be using up my annual tickets in September, when I can likely fit into a stadium seat with little discomfort. Movies? One; I finally saw the new Harry Potter a few weekends ago (thanks, AMC, for having the handicapped row). I guess I'll have to find a way to pack a bit of "summer" stuff into the fall.

How was your summer this year? Was it pretty routine, or quite a deviation from the norm? Talk to me in the comments; it's been kinda quiet there recently.

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