Monday, August 31, 2009

Bamboozled by a Ballgame

I had plans to do a post about the cool new music I've been listening to the past few days, but now I'm worn out.

Blame tonight's Rangers game for that. When I was listening to it on the radio while driving home, it was 11-0, Toronto. The Rangers started a mini-rally right before I got to my garage, and it was 11-4 when I turned off the car. I made a mental note to check back in half an hour or so. And when I did that, the score had been tightened to 11-10! Off to the living room with me...

And after a "meh" eighth inning at bat, the wheels totally came off in the top of the ninth. Final score: Toronto 18, Rangers 10 (sounds more like a football score!). And to make matters worse, tomorrow's a doubleheader. Thank goodness for September 1 call-up, as the team sure went through a lot of pitchers tonight.

As i said, I'm worn out. I'll try the music post tomorrow.

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