Monday, August 03, 2009

From Jerry Jones, An Offer I Might Not Be Able to Refuse

Would you pay $29 for a Cowboys game at the new stadium this fall? Even if sitting down were not included in the deal? This is no longer just a rhetorical question:
Cowboys fans began buying up the new $29 Party Pass tickets this morning. Nuny Terango bought two and doesn't mind that it won't give him a seat. Much of the space is in decks and patios. He'll be in the 180-thousand square feet standing room only sections. The Cowboys hope to sell 35000 Party Pass tickets.
I think I'd go for that idea. I've watched Cowboys Stadium go up in bits and pieces over the past few years, either from Division and Collins streets on trips to UTA, or from the upper deck of Rangers Ballpark during games, and two things have always gone through my head at the time: 1) That place is gonna be really cool when it opens, and 2) I'll never be able to afford a game. But $29 I can handle, and, once my knee has healed a bit more, standing up for three hours might not be so bad.

I've had a different relationship with the Cowboys than I have with the Rangers since I moved to the Dallas area for college, and it mostly has to do with physical presence at the games--driven by prices, of course. I go to 5-10 Rangers games a year (it's all being saved for fall this season because of my injury), but, despite watching nearly every Cowboys game on TV, I'm lucky to make only one game in person (if that) a year because of price (and even that's slacked off lately; if memory serves, the last time I was there, Barry Switzer was on the sideline).

When Rangers Ballpark opened, I made three vows: I'd be there for opening night; I'd be at the All-Star Game when it was held in Arlington; and I'd be in attendance at the first playoff game that would ever be held there. And all three of those things came to fruition within the first few years. But I'd never held any such hopes for Cowboys Stadium, because I knew it would be priced out of my range. But maybe Jerry's latest venture will be my ticket in.

So the $29 thing might be my cup of tea, although I'd hope they'd keep the Party Passers from partying too much; I wouldn't want to stand there for an hour after some drunk person threw up on my shoe.

According to KRLD's poll, my being agreeable to this idea puts me in a distinct minority. What about you? Would you pay nearly thirty bucks to stand up at a game if it meant you'd get to experience the new stadium. Sound off both in the comments here and at KRLD's poll if you want.

The happy day has arrived: A while back, I mentioned that blogger Ann Althouse became engaged to a gentleman named Meade, whom she met in the comments section of her blog. Today, after much speculation and a long roadtrip, the two were married on a mountaintop in Colorado. Althouse made the announcement, fittingly enough, in a comment to one of her blog posts.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I completed that Rangers Trifecta too. Opening Day, All-Star Game, Playoff Game.

I hate Da Boyz and Smiley Jones, but think the $29 tickets are absolutely brilliant and will sell out every game. For the types who aren't really football fans, but are drawn to the "event" status of games not having a physical seat is no big deal.