Sunday, June 14, 2009

Almost Caught Up

I've been blogging like crazy this weekend, trying to finish the massive logjam of half-completed posts that have been sitting around for over a week now. Since I don't want my efforts to go for naught, I thought I'd link to them here on the frontpage:
  • An ode to the beginning of what should be a very unusual summer.

  • The DISD's solution to recent funding inequities differs radically from mine (imagine that!).

  • A salute to the Class of '09.

  • The traditional "throwing of the fish" at Pike Place Market in Seattle has raised the ire of PETA. (Try reciting my headline to this story ten times fast: "PETA Peeved by Pike Place's Piscatorial Projectiles." Yeah, I couldn't do it either.)

  • I may be behind on blogging, but that didn't stop me from joining Twitter.

  • And finally, with all the publicity it's gotten, it amazes me that people could have still been unaware that Friday's DTV switch was taking place.
Most of the rest of my unfinished posts, save for a (probably long) one from last Sunday, are concert reviews from a while back; I'll try to get to those fairly soon.

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