Monday, March 09, 2009

Here's Another Kindred Spirit

A letter-writer in today's Dallas Morning News, Bobbie Keith, is playing my song:
Why should I be willing to pay for programs if our politicians are not? How can Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner owe $128,000 in taxes and still be in office? If the bailout is going to require a sacrifice on our parts, how come they are not willing to share the burden?
Amen. (I've blogged about these things a few times recently.) Keith also wonders how much some of these people earn, since taxes appear poised to go up quite a bit on people who make over $250,000 a year.

Remember, it's not "shared sacrifice" if it's only the average Joes who are doing the sacrificing.

Overly-syncopated clock: Did anyone else feel as messed up as I have the past two days because of the time change on Saturday night? As happy as I am that Daylight Wasting Time is over, but the change hit me harder than usual. (It also hit the first school where I teach today pretty hard, as someone forgot to reset the clock that puts the stoplight out front on "school time," causing all kinds of people to be late.)

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