Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome to "Spring" Break?

Classes let out for spring break today, but it sure doesn't feel like it:

Thankfully, the rain has all but stopped now, but we still have yet to see that mystical yellow glistening orb that I remember from days gone by (some would call that "Monday"), and I'm still waiting for the temperature to crawl out of the hole it fell into during that 40-degree drop on Tuesday night. Our spring break doesn't feel very "springy" yet. (But it least this isn't happening a week from now; thank goodness for small favors.)

It's Friday the 13th...but I didn't teach anyone named Jason today, nor did I cross paths with a dark-hued feline or anything of the sort. Do you have even the smallest degree of triskaidekaphobia, or do you take days like today in stride? (A month ago at this time, when I was at TMEA, the hotel where we stayed, being in a renovated 80-year-old building, skipped from the 12th to the 14th floor, if memory serves.)

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