Monday, September 10, 2007

Repeat of Restau-Rant Averted

I have to offer mad props to the Subway workers at lunch today; they actually managed to work me around the lady in front of me who just kept on ordering sandwiches, one at a time, off a big list in her hand. (If you missed the original Restau-Rant from back in the day, it's here; the gist of it is that, if you have a huge order at a fast-food place--as in one for your entire office--it's much more courteous to all involved if you call that order in ahead of time, and you really need to pay for it all at once, not as a bunch of separate orders.)

In this case, the woman was very, very indecisive and very, very slow to order each successive sandwich. I'm really glad that one of the workers seemed to observe my plight and vaulted me ahead while the lady kept ordering again and again. What I thought might turn out to be a lousy start to the first real Monday of school was anything but that.

Hey, fellow North Texans: Did it rain enough for you today? I looked out a school window at about 9:30 this morning, and it was as dark as midnight. I'm so glad I replaced the Ghetto-Brella last week...

This story just had to be connected to California in some way: A San Francisco-based artist has opened a theatre with an unusual theme: Plant porn.

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