Monday, July 02, 2007

The Green Will Be Even Meaner in '08

Ever since Todd Dodge was named head coach at my alma mater, UNT, a lot more local high school players have shown an interest in joining the Mean Green for their college careers. As I said in a post announcing that hiring, it would be very cool if Dodge's son, the now-senior quarterback Riley Dodge (who led his dad's team, Southlake Carroll, to a state championship this year), would follow his dad to Denton in a year. That seemed to be a pipe dream when Riley committed to UT (which is Todd's alma mater) earlier in the spring. But now comes word that Riley has changed his mind:
A few days of discussions and second thoughts culminated in a dramatic turn of events for North Texas and the family of head coach Todd Dodge this weekend.

Southlake Carroll quarterback Riley Dodge is going to follow his father to UNT after all.

The reigning Associated Press Class 5A offensive player of the year said Saturday that he has changed his oral commitment from Texas to UNT. Riley , who is entering his senior season, said he broke the news to Texas head coach Mack Brown and also talked to offensive coordinator Greg Davis this week.

[...]"It was probably the hardest phone call I ever made in my life," Riley said. "But they were very cool about it and very nice. I really appreciated that.

"Coach Brown told me, 'You have the opportunity to play for your dad again. You need to hop all over it.'"

Riley (6-0, 183) said he made the decision for the good of his family and because he believes his father will turn around UNT's program.
Read the whole thing, as well as this update, in which the writer believes that landing Riley will be a significant boost to Mean Green recruiting.

I'm really excited about going to UNT games in the fall; I'll be there for a lot more than just homecoming this year. Perhaps the trip to Norman, Oklahoma will even be in the cards again for this year.

Why did the camel cross the road fjord? A dead camel was discovered alongside a Swedish highway, and authorities are trying to figure out how it got there. (Cruise ship??)

You broke my heart, so I'm breaking your bankbook: A man in Illinois successfully sued another man for stealing his wife's affections.

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