Saturday, September 02, 2006

How Mean Are the Green?

College football is back, and my alma mater, UNT, goes up against the defending national champion Texas Longhorns in just a few minutes. I'm happy that it's being televised nationally, so I can watch it from the comfort of Casa de Kev instead of having to gorge myself with food in order to get a seat by a big-screen somewhere (like I had to do two years ago [scroll down] when the game was only on pay-per-view).

The Mean Green are something like 41-point underdogs, so I'm not expecting miracles; I'd just like to see them do well on the national stage. I would have actually gone to the game, but I'm giving my sister a few more weeks of rest before going down to see the new nephew, and I also found out that tickets were fifty bucks a pop, which ended up being money better spent on the Maynard tribute. If I had my wirelsss router already, I'd take the MacBook out into the living room and liveblog the game, but instead, I guess I'll just pop back on with an update at game's end.

LATER: Well, the Green weren't all that mean today, but at least they scored some points (the lone touchdown was the first against Texas since 1992). We didn't necessarily get too good of a look at how this year's team will do; that will have to wait until next week's SMU game, which I won't be able to attend because of a jazz concert. Still, I hope that the tough non-conference schedule will prepare the Mean Green to make another run through the Sun Belt Conference, like they have done for four of the past five years.

Remembering "Baby": I forgot to mention this yesterday, but students at UNT are mourning the loss of the famous albino squirrel, which was said to bring good luck to students who saw him on the way to exams (he even had his own website). This story also got wider attention when it was mentioned in a post at Althouse.

Lovely Rita, meter maid....and dang, she's fast: I've mentioned before how cool it is that one of the security officers at Firewheel gets to ride around on a Segway; now the campus parking cops at the University of Montana have adopted the practice.

Gratuity begets gratitude: An Applebee's bartender in Kansas received a $10,000 tip for a $26 tab from one of her regulars.

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Bobby said...

I landed here at random by hitting that 'NEXT BLOG' button. Nice blog. Go Mean Green!

At least your college has a team. ODU, where I went, doesn't have football. We have killer rowing and sailing though. Great.