Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hats Off to GMJ

Two years ago, I was at Ameriquest Field in Arlington when Mark Teixeira hit for the cycle, only the second time in Rangers' history for that to happen. (For those non-baseball readers, hitting for the cycle means that a player gets all four possible hits--a single, double, triple and home run--in a single game.) So even though last night's game was in Detroit, I had the good fortune to tune into the game on the radio right before Gary Matthews, Jr. achieved his own cycle; his was also a "clean" one, meaning that the single, double, triple and homer occured in that exact order.

Matthews has really come into his own this year, making some jaw-dropping catches in center field (including a flying leap up the wall to rob an opponent of a homer in a game I saw in person over the summer). He's become a key player on the team, and I hope that Tom Hicks will take care of him when free-agency comes at the end of the season.

Better scoot on over and get this fixed: Segway has recalled its entire line of scooters because of a software glitch that could cause them to suddenly change direction while being ridden.

Maybe he should have just given his rival a Segway to ride around: The backup punter at the University of Northern Colorado tried to earn the starting job the old-fashioned way--by putting on a mask and stabbing his rival in the leg. (Some are saying it's reminiscent of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident, minus the hired hitman. But maybe he snapped from smelling the money a little too much.)

Video of the week: It's the Crazy Xbox 360 lady.

Blowing out the candles: Happy birthday to J-Guar, who, if everything works out, should be appearing on my next gig.

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Gary P. said...

Ugh! Matthews is 31 years old and never done anything like this before. The performance just screams FLUKE SEASON, and he's going to make some team very unahppy when he most likely returns to his career norms next year. I just hope it's not Texas (or Boston).

For all the airtime given that one wall-climbing catch, the defensive rating schemes that use play-by-play data tend to rate him quite a bit below average at turning balls hit to CF into outs.... the primary complaints being that he gets a slow break and doesn't take good routes. has a list of the ten most similar players to Matthews through age 30, and what they did the rest of their careers. Only one played more than 283 games for the rest of their careers, and that one was also the only one to be an above-average hitter for the rest of their careers.