Sunday, September 10, 2006

And in the News...

OK, my remaining two posts from this past week are done. In the meantime, here's some of the stuff I 've collected during the week but didn't have time to post until now...

These snacks gave them the munchies again: Three people on the campus of Cal-Berkeley were arrested after they were caught giving away cookies laced with pot; fifteen students got sick enough to require medical attention.

Why did the rabbit get painted on the road? Motorists in Vermont were confused by recent numerous sitings of the outlines of rabbits spray-painted onto local roads in northwestern Vermont. (The local newspaper now includes an interactive page where people can post their rabbit-sitings.)

He really got their goat: A Swiss motorist caught speeding in Canada blamed his lead foot on the absence of goats on local roads; evidently, this kept the man from speeding back home. (Maybe someone should have spray-painted some goats on there to slow him down.)

One more animal story: A Finnish opera singer, who was riding a bicycle onstage during a rehearsal (yes, it was part of the plot), sustained a concussion after his bike fell over when a squirrel became entangled in the spokes of the bike.

At least he's consistent: A man on trial for threatening a judge now faces new charges after he, well, threatened that judge.

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