Tuesday, August 08, 2006

While I Was Out

Whenever I run across a weird or funny story, I always save it to a specifc bookmark file called "Blogworthy Articles." I've continued to do this through the busy-ness of the past several weeks, but I haven't actually had time to post them until now. Here's a collection of the best stuff I've seen recently:There are a few more, but I'll save 'em for later.

Catchin' up, part 2: My remaining posts about the Washington trip are done: a wrapup of my thoughts from the week, and a rant about Washington's restrictions on hearing live music for people under 21 (it's the sequel to this one from several years ago. All that's left now is the posting of the pictures, and then I'll be totally caught up.

(UPDATE: Pictures have been added to the Flora and Fauna 101 post, from the day when we hit four major places within a few hours of each other. Enjoy!)

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