Sunday, August 06, 2006

In Case You Missed It...'s a picture from last night's gig.

(Left to right, that's Aaron, me and a shadowy Steven--or would that be a dark Dingus? The rhythm section is pretty much hidden. Photo courtesy Steve Solomon, via phone-cam)

I posted this not just because it looked cool and really highlights the three horns, but also so that I could test the Blogger photo uploading system, which appears to work properly on the MacBook (this was an issue on the Ancient and Venerable iMac).

We didn't have a huge crowd (not a total surprise with just two days' notice), but it went well, and we'll get another date out of it sometime next month, since we filled a hole in their schedule. For the first time in a while, the gig calendar is empty, but I expect that will have some new dates on it soon enough; I need something to keep me sane during the next few weeks as I prepare the Dread Sked (yikes--it's that time already).

Oh, and I figured out that the MacBook also has a program that uploads photos straight from my camera without drivers, so I should have the trip pictures up soon.

Catchin' up, part 1: I finished one of the remaining trip posts tonight, talking about the first day we went to the jazz festival. The post is here, and I'll have other ones finished throughout the week.


Shawn said...

It is very cool that you can plug in any camera and immediately get the pictures off of it. Brilliant.

You've gotten your computer just in enough time for them to announce a new operating system sometime Monday or Tuesday. I don't remember when.

Oh well, we're both in the same boat there.

Eric Grubbs said...

Y'all were great performance-wise, and sound-wise, really great. Brick makes for awesome acoustics.

I was hoping for a death metal-like drum solo at some point, but by the time "The Chicken" ended, I knew it wasn't going to happen this time. :-)

Kev said...

Shawn--the program that does this is iPhoto, which came standard with the MacBook. I'm going to try it in just a little bit, once I get caught up on old posts.

Eric--thanks for showing up to the gig on Saturday.
We did have a few more drum solos earlier in the night (besides the one you heard over the vamp on "Maiden Voyage"), but yeah, I guess they didn't rise to the level of death-metal. Partially-maimed aluminum, maybe?