Tuesday, August 15, 2006

VIdeo of the Week So Far

This is really amazing:

And from looking through YouTube, I discovered that there are all kinds of variations on the "Mentos and Diet Coke" experiment, with some turning out much better than others. One of the "best of the rest" is this one, where the kids figured out how to turn the Coke bottles into rockets that launched way up in the air; another video even gives instructions. Maybe everyone else had heard of this already, but it was pretty entertaining to me, especially the one above where they make the elaborate fountain.

Shlog this! I just recently found out that my former student Shaun Groves has been blogging for a while. His site is called Shlog, and it's full of thought-provoking stuff about Christianity and music. I've also linked him on the sidebar.

That sinking feeling: I've updated the Remembering Tasha post to include the picture I took of her sleeping in the kitchen sink back in the spring. I'll also alert everyone if and when that picture gets posted on catsinsinks.com, where I submitted it yesterday.

New gig alert: The Shelley Carrol Big Band doesn't get together all that often, so come to the DMA on Friday night. Once again, I'll have the privilege of manning the bari chair; details are on the sidebar.

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