Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Right to Bare Arms

It's been a beautiful past few days out here; today even broke a 107-year-old record when the temperature at the airport hit 94 degrees. It's been nice to be able to bust out things like short-sleeve shirts (hence the title of this post) and leave the jackets in the car all day. It's not supposed to last, of course--slightly cooler temperatures and a little rain is on the way--but it's days like today that reinforce the notion of just how glad I am to live in Texas. Sure, a little authentic winter would be nice every once in a while (does a week ago Sunday count?), but I'll take the extended spring now, while some of our northern neighbors are still freezing.

This is a long, long week, so the next few posts are likely to be short like this one, but today's weather also reminded me of something: Spring break is but a week and a half away! It's going to be well-needed...

Stupid criminal of the week: A guy decides to impress his girlfriend by showing her his new OnStar service. His car stereo is so loud that he can't hear the operator answer. He also doesn't realize that, when the system is activated and the customer doesn't respond, the operator calls police...who arrive and bust him for the cocaine that's clearly visible in his car.

He really got their goat: A Sudanese man was caught having, umm, relations with his neighbor's goat. The local council of elders then required the man to, for all intents and purposes, marry the animal.

I don't know if she had a fat bottom, but she probably did make the rockin' world go 'round: Last summer in Vermont, some friends and I witnessed a naked bicycle race. Over on the campus of Arizona State, a woman decided to try it as a solo act.


Shawn said...

Your news makes me laugh every time.

Kev said...

Thanks man, that's what it's there for. I figure there has to be an alternative to bickering politicians and people killing each other over some ancient tribal dispute which nobody can actually remember anymore.

And besides, if I don't actually have anything of substance to post for the day, I can always count on the weirdness of the world to take up the slack.

Anonymous said...

A solo nude bicyclist?
That doesn't even come close to seeing that race. Hehehe.. that was so crazy.