Friday, March 17, 2006

In the Big Easy, Wearing Green

I'm off for a quick weekend trip to New Orleans; as I mentioned a while back, I'm going to see Bob Mintzer at the Loyola Jazz Festival and hang with my friend Jordan for a while. It's my chance to get away for a little bit and also take an up-close look at how the "new New Orleans" is progressing after last fall's hurricane. I'll have an update from there if there's time, but I'll be back by lunchtime on Sunday.

Erin go blog: Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my fellow Irish (and the Irish-at-heart). I had my corned beef and cabbage the other day on a Reuben after racquetball, and you can bet there'll be the wearin' o' the green by yours truly (which is easy to do when you went to a university whose school colors--and team names--are dominated by green).

The mowin' o' the green: This was the first day of the new year where I had to get up and do yardwork (yecch). The grass hasn't totally come back after our recent drought period, but the weeds were starting to grow with a vengeance (of course). I'm definitely thinking about farming out (heh) the yardwork this summer to a student who wants to swap it for lessons, or a college-age friend who will do it for Chipotle burritos.

Speaking of maintenance: You may not see this post before I leave town; Blogger has been working with a bad server (their status page said the other day that the offending machine would be "replaced and then shot"), and my blog was one of those on said server. All the posts are there, and if it's not fixed by the time I leave for the airport, I'll call it up and hit "publish" later on in the day.

Marsupial madness: A kangaroo led police on a chase through the snow this week on a country road in Austria. And no, that's not a typo...not Australia, but Austria. Who knew? (The article also notes that tourists to alpine areas can buy T-shirts that say "There are no kangaroos in Austria" because the two countries' names get confused so frequently.)

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